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Aug 4


Aug 3

My own, handsewn alpaca Wig

Aug 3

This is the reason i dont watch the new sailormoon anime..
I Expect the animation studio will treat the anime better because its a remake of legendary anime..
I was so wrong..

Aug 3

50 shade of grey source of BDSM reference ??
I learn so much about BDSM from Nana to Kaoru manga instead.
And I just found out from the Manga that BDSM are not abusive.
S and M respect each other, its more like a trust bond between both parties.


I just need One BJD and my life is complete.


Good job, Fairyland! You’re totally setting a standard for your fans and fans of recasts to follow! /s

Pic 1 from Steampunk Tendencies page:

Pic of doll from:

Pic 2 from the artist’s flickr:

If FL wants to stick up for artist’s rights then they need to set a better example.

whoaaa even big company like Fairyland are art thief to




for you and me who experience artblock..
keep on drawing!


You know…sometimes I feel like…”Man, I wish my art was good enough. I wish people loved my art…I wish I was this good…etc..etc.” Then I see posts like this…and I remember why I draw so much. Because I like doing it. I love drawing. And I am getting better and better!! I don’t think I will ever stop. Even if people don’t appreciate my work like I do…and I know that sounds conceited—but I am really proud of myself. I’ve come a long way. Instead of comparing my drawings to other peoples…I will start comparing my drawings to my previous ones…see how much better I get!! :)

this what people tend to forget..
stop comparing your art to others, but start  comparing your art to previous one to see how much you advance.

thank you for the reminder my friend :)


Here’s a handy dandy color reference chart for you artists, writers, or any one else who needs it! Inspired by this post x

just playing Face up on photoshopand now I know what I want for Xmast.. hihiIm praying that my familly and SO dont know about this coz they will be furious if I dare to buy another doll >..<

just playing Face up on photoshop
and now I know what I want for Xmast.. hihi

Im praying that my familly and SO dont know about this coz they will be furious if I dare to buy another doll >..<

Recent commission for ThigiChimaéra Nué ~

Recent commission for Thigi
Chimaéra Nué ~